Ted: Ideas worth shredding?

I recently discovered that James Hansen is major influencer behind this incredibly one-sided climate change primer on TED masquerading as a balanced introduction:


One quote:

It’s also not surprising that the scientific evidence is contested, given that the indicators of climate change — like changing precipitation patterns over decadal time scales — may be difficult for ordinary citizens to detect, and given what’s at stake once we acknowledge that those indicators are correct. Initially — and even today, despite the fact that we’ve reached the gold standard for scientific certainty — some have questioned the quantity and quality of the evidence, feeding the public’s perception that the science is half-baked. In reality, by the time Hansen delivered his congressional testimony in 1988, he’d been researching the relationship between atmospheric components and temperature since the 1960s, building upon a line of scientific inquiry stretching back at least a century.

Note the references I have highlighted in bold. The first suggests that we are too stupid to have an opinion and the second is a meaningless qualification that has no place in real science and again just says, stop thinking we know better. Of course, no discussion of models not matching observations and minor details like that.

Ted should hang his head in shame.


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