Russian Aluminium Oligarch Finances Blair’s Climate Change Charity

Paul Homewood shows that the Blair Legacy is worse than we had thought. I really didn’t need another reason to despise the chap any more…


By Paul Homewood

Mr Blair has attracted millions of pounds in donations from the super-rich

Sorry to spoil your lunch, but I was reading a Sunday Telegraph report on Tony Blair’s charity activities, when I spotted this:

Oleg Deripaska, a Russian oligarch and close friend of Mr Blair’s former cabinet colleague Lord Mandelson, spent £300,000 co-funding a little-known charity run by Mr Blair, which lobbied governments over climate change, called Breaking the Climate Deadlock. Mr Deripaska, a Russian oligarch worth £4 billion, is president of the world’s largest aluminium company Rusal.

Now, I wonder why a Russian aluminium oligarch would give money to lobby for the sort of action on climate change that has already led to the closure of the Anglesey and Lynemouth aluminium smelters, in large part because of high energy costs? Or the sort of policies that, according to Metal Bulletin, could lead to the shutdown of most EU smelters?

The reality is that there is a worldwide…

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