What happens in Lima stays in Lima?

Well we can only hope so!

From a post in The American Interest:

Richard Tol, professor of economics at the University of Sussex and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and veteran of four assessment reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, speaks about the ongoing climate summit in Lima, Peru. He outlines the problems caused by the oversimplification of climate change to include only surface-temperature warming before reminding us that change is a neutral word, and that future shifts in our climate will not be universally negative.

He argues that the climate change movement has been hijacked by green groups which have a vested interest in stoking hysteria, and that this apocalyptic world view is not supported by the science. He also suggests that climate change adaptation techniques are in many cases cheaper and more practical options than efforts to mitigate it.

Emphasis mine.

Full post here.


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