Met Office Spin Heatwave Nonsense Again

Publicly funded Met Office hide details of climate spin behind paywall.


By Paul Homewood

h/t Joe Public


It seems the Met Office are spinning their extreme heatwave nonsense again, this time a paper by their own Peter Stott. The study is behind a paywall at Nature, which again raises the question of why taxpayer funded research is not made freely available.

But here is the abstract.

Socio-economic stress from the unequivocal warming of the global climate system1 could be mostly felt by societies through weather and climate extremes2. The vulnerability of European citizens was made evident during the summer heatwave of 2003 (refs 3, 4) when the heat-related death toll ran into tens of thousands5. Human influence at least doubled the chances of the event according to the first formal event attribution study6, which also made the ominous forecast that severe heatwaves could become commonplace by the 2040s. Here we investigateā€¦

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