Sweet irony: Pacific islands "growing, not sinking"

Clear evidence of Pacific Islands increasing in size and yet Climate “Scientists” still predicting doom.

Australian Climate Madness

I love it when a story like this comes along – I couldn’t have scripted it better myself. After the wailing and whinging from the Pacific islands at every climate conference about how “sea level rises” are going to sink their homes and that we need to transfer billions of dollars in climate aid, we discover that the islands are actually … increasing in size! The ABC is shocked, shocked I tell you, that yet another disaster in the waiting cannot be pinned on climate change any more:

Climate scientists have expressed surprise at findings that many low-lying Pacific islands are growing, not sinking.

Islands in Tuvalu, Kiribati and the Federated States of Micronesia are among those which have grown, largely due to coral debris, land reclamation and sediment.

The findings, published in the magazine New Scientist [ouch, I bet that hurt], were gathered by comparing changes to 27…

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