UK’s Out of Control Wind Power Debacle Sets Brits up for Winters of Discontent

The politicians won’t be able to ignore this sort of press for much longer, though they will continue to blame private energy companies for having the temerity to generate a profit for their shareholders.


cold lady Rug up luv. Thanks to insanely expensive & utterly unreliable
wind power, you’re in for many more Winters of Discontent.

Homeowners face £1,000 increase in electricity bills: ‘Folly’ of relying on wind power ‘will cost homes £26bn by 2030’
The Daily Mail
Corey Charlton
15 October 2014

  • Wind farm reliance could see costly electricity bills and winter power cuts
  • Experts claim it will lead to costs being passed on to consumers
  • Next winter’s electricity production margins are at an ‘all time low’

Homeowners are facing electricity bill increases of £1,000 and winter power cuts if the Government continues to rely on wind farms, experts warn.

A new report claims that if the Government continues to chase renewable wind power, the average household bill will soar by £1,000, costing homes £26billion by 2030.

The report, submitted to the Lords Science and Technology Select Committee, was authored by the Scientific Alliance.


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