Harrabin Ignores BBC Guidelines On Cooling Tower Images

I wonder what proportion of our tax payer’s licence fee goes into funding the BBC propaganda (whoops environmental) unit? Whatever it is – it is too much!


By Paul Homewood



The BBC have been up to their usual, dishonest tricks again, with photos suggesting black smoke coming out of power station cooling towers.

Reader, Ron Hughes, has formally complained, and has received some helpful information from Colin Tregear, who works with the BBC Editorial Complaints Unit.

The Editorial Guidelines have a section on images, containing this specific guideline for accuracy:

Care should be taken not to use images to mislead the audience.

This could not be clearer, and it is difficult to see how the above picture does not mislead.

But the case of cooling tower images has already specifically been addressed in a BBC Trust finding on a Panorama programme in 2008. Below are the Trust’s findings:

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