The Hard-“Green”-Left Promote Energy Policies that Wreck Economies & Smash the Poor

So it isn’t just big oil funding political parties – who would have thought it.


USSR “Greens” out to paint your town Red.

A little while back, the good Senator from Victoria, John “Marshall” Madigan launched an Exocet missile at the seedy world of hard-green-left politics and the wind power outfits that fund the Australian Greens (see our post here).

The Greens have been particularly coy about where the hundreds of thousands of dollars used to fund their last Federal election campaign (including the rerun of the West Australian Senate election) came from. The Greens set out to crush SA’s favourite Greek, Nick Xenophon due to his efforts to bring the wind power fraud to an end: the Green vote went backwards, but Nick (a true STT Champion) – who ran as an independent candidate – polled a snicker under 25% in the South Australian Senate race (beating the Labor Party’s vote of 22.7%) – an all-time record for an independent Senator.


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