Parker Gallant Uncovers the Hidden Costs of Ontario’s Insane Wind Power Policy

It’s difficult to understand how this keeps happening given the economics are so clear. What is it that convinced politicians that it is worth wasting these colossal sums of public money that could be invested in so many other worthwhile things. Perhaps funding a back to school program for politicians- economics 101 would be a good start?


turbines ontario Scene from the remake of “The War of the Worlds”.

Ever tried to imagine hell on earth?

Ever imagined a nightmare turned to reality?

Then you’ve probably landed in Ontario.

Ontario is the place where the most bizarre energy policy in the world has seen thousands of giant fans speared into the backyards of homes – in the most agriculturally productive part of Canada. When we say “bizarre” we mean completely bonkers.

Canada has one of the “cleanest” power generation mixes on the planet, with the vast bulk of its electricity coming from zero emissions sources such as nuclear and hydro.

Ontario energy mix 2013

As Professor Ross McKitrick explains in this post, Ontario has built a policy that sees wind power (when the wind is blowing) “displace” emissions free hydro at enormous cost to power consumers and taxpayers.

And then there’s the colossal human impact of plonking thousands of turbines as close…

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