More Australian Wind Power “FAILS”


report-card Wind Power: the perpetual failure.

Renewables in the doldrums
The Australian
Graham Lloyd
2 August 2014

A spell of calm weather exposes a fatal flaw in the case for wind power

FOR Australia’s multi-billion-dollar renewable energy industry, marooned in the doldrums of investment uncertainty, the big calm before the renewable energy target review storm came last week. For two consecutive days a high-pressure system becalmed southeastern Australia, stranding the nation’s entire fleet of wind turbines.

Figures provided by the Australian Electricity Market Operator show that on July 21 registered wind generation in the National Electricity Market fell to a low of 23 megawatts. The minimum average for any two-hour period was 24MW. That is the power production figure for all wind turbines in South Australia, Victoria, NSW and Tasmania, which have a combined capacity of 3300MW.

The crash in supply from wind was repeated the following day.

There are two…

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