Coral Digger Disturbs War Dead – Not Climate Change : BBC Remain In Denial


By Paul Homewood


Readers may recall the BBC account, a couple of months ago, about the bodies of Japanese war dead being uncovered, supposedly by rising sea levels.

This is what the BBC had to say:

Rising sea levels have disturbed the skeletons of soldiers killed on the Marshall Islands during World War Two.

Speaking at UN climate talks in Bonn, the Island’s foreign minister said that high tides had exposed one grave with 26 dead.

The minister said the bones were most likely those of Japanese troops.

Driven by global warming, waters in this part of the Pacific have risen faster than the global average.

With a high point just two metres above the waters, the Marshall Islands are one of the most vulnerable locations to changes in sea level.

The 29 atolls that make up the Marshall Islands are home to around 70,000 people. The corals that…

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